North London Wellness Clinic

Body & Mind Detox

You do not need to have a health condition to feel you need to improve your health.


You may just feel tired and dis-energised by the stresses of life and wish to pamper yourself, plump up your energy reserves and improve your sleep.


We combine our complementary therapies to do just that.


Firstly detox the body - using bio-energetic remedies and other plant-based supplements we rid your system of much toxins through liver, gall-bladder, kidney and bowel detox. After that, your body will start feeling better than it has for years!


Already your mood has improved and so did your energy levels, we further enhance this shift using tree- and flower-based bio-energetic remedies.


And the job is done!

Now you feel new and fresh ready to face life with serenity.


You may want to continue after this with reflexology

sessions to top up from time to time.


Woman refreshed 1 Woman refreshed 2