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Bio-Energetic Remedies

Most people´s ailments - children´s or adults´ - are caused either by viruses, bacteria, fungi or/and parasites. While some chemical medicines seek to supplant the action of the immune system, Bio-Energetic Remedies aim to stimulate the patient´s own immune system. This results in a high success rate along with no side effects.


Using an electro-magnetic medical machine, it is possible to identify precisely the main viruses, bacteria, fungi or/and parasites present within the patient´s body, and to identify the matching Bio-Energetic Remedies. The process is pain-free, non-invasive and extremely precise.


The Bio-Energetic Remedies consist of drops that are essentially electro-magnetically charged and follow the principle of homeopathy and homotoxicology. They do not interfere with any other medicines and are perfectly safe even for small children. Many patients experience a lasting physical and emotional improvement.

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The consultation


The therapist initially collects and analyses the patient's health history and current complaints. On that basis, the therapist selects a number of bio-energetic "antidotes",

and tests the patient using an electro-magnetic medical machine.


The patient will register positive for the antidotes his/her body needs; and negative for the antidotes that are not needed.


Following this procedure, the therapist will ptroduce the mix of antidotes needed by the patient's body to improve their condition, that the patient will need absorb everyday on a period of 4 weeks.


The procedure may repeated safely until the complaint has completely disappeared. The remedies have no side effect and are fully compatible with any other medical treatments and do not interfere with any prescribed drugs.


The treatment may be used safely by all including infants and the elderly, and pregnant women past the 3rd month of their pregnancy.